Taranto: fire in the steel plant, Mayor asks the Government to suspend the activities of the plant – video

The umpteenth accident inside the former Ilva di Taranto returns to discuss the fate of the steel historian of the city of the two seas:

As reported by numerous online media, in fact, this morning a fire broke out in the continuous casting 2 of the steel plant. Fortunately, the accident did not cause any injuries, but it raised the issue of works at the steel plant. Through a post released today on Facebook – which in turn relaunches the words of a member of a trade union – the Mayor of Taranto spoke of ” explosions, fires, accidents and massacres missed by a whisker. Please, do not agree ” that yes would frequently occur in the steel mill. The request is to suspend activities. It is appropriate to remember that the Tar decree on the shutdown of the area was suspended by the Council of State ,ArcelorMittal , awaiting the hearing on the merits scheduled for 13 May. For the time being, therefore, the steel mill will continue to operate. ” Prhyme an explosion then a fire in the continuous casting 2 Steel 2, saved by a miracle all operators present on the line” – make known the company from USB syndicate of Taranto that Facebook has released a short film which link report below :