13 year old leans on the pole and is electrocuted: he died after being hospitalized in Puglia – VIDEO

The boy hospitalized in Puglia died because he was struck by electrocution after leaning on a public lighting pole in Molise :

The drama occurred at around 22.00 on 28 June 2022 when the very young man – only 13 years old – had decided to lean for a short time on a public lighting pole located near the church of San Paolo , in the municipality of Montenero di Bisaccia (in the Province of Campobasso). The fact occurred during the parish feast. It was precisely those present who raised the alarm with the call for help and the subsequent hospitalization first at the “San Timoteo” hospital in Termoli (where the minor had been declared in a coma ) and then transferred to the Policlinico Riuniti di Foggia , where the very youngdied after about 15 days of agony :

The treatment for that terrible burn to the young man’s shoulder, which turned out to be serious even before the brain death occurred in the last hours, seems to have been of no use. The Montenerese community is now in mourning after long days of prayer: in the 13-year-old’s country of origin there is emotion but also indignation for an episode that probably could have been avoided with security measures. Therefore, the Larino Public Prosecutor’s Office is now investigating the episode while the soldiers of the Arma dei Carabinieri have seized the area affected by the tragedy. In this regard, we report below the link to a television service broadcast on the web:

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