In Puglia the findings of giant Todarodes squid are increasing: proof of the tropicalization of the Mediterranean?

Whether it is a coincidence or the increase in temperatures linked to climate change with the associated ” tropicalisation ” of the climate and waters of the Mediterranean basin , we do not know. The fact is that even off the coast of the Apulian capital, the ” miraculous catches ” and/or exciting finds on the beach are increasing:

While already anticipating and putting their hands forward in front of all those veteran fishermen who will claim to have “seen a bigger one “, we can only confirm the increase in the discovery (and fishing) of large squid specimens. For the uninitiated, these are related molluscs but distinguishable by at least two obvious external physical differences:

the squid has two fins that start from the tip of the tail and reach more than half of the body, while the todarodes squid has them only on the tip of the tail. Furthermore, while the tentacles of the squid are exclusively provided with suckers, those of the european flying squid also have small hooks which allow them to better capture the prey. Far from the size of the so-called “giant squid”, the squid in Apulian waters nonetheless present some respectable exceptionalities, as already partially documented by the blog also in Salento :

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