Puglia: man does not notice he has a piece of iron in his eye, the intervention in Putignano (Bari)

He had a splinter in his eye and he hadn’t noticed it : the misadventure of a man who, in recent days, underwent emergency surgery in the Ophthalmology department of the Putignano Hospital (in the province of Bari) ended well:

According to what was reported by the ASL of Bari , when the man showed up in the emergency room, in fact, he only accused a slight “discomfort” in his right eye, claiming that a bird had passed too close to him while he was at work, but the eye consultation revealed much more. The observation by the team of Dr. Gianni Colonna highlighted the presence of a perforating corneal wound caused by a piece of iron that had perforated his cornea, iris, lens, and had gone to rest on the retina.

A diagnosis in front of which the man remained incredulous, since he hadn’t noticed anything and didn’t complain of any pain except a certain decrease in vision . In reality, he had been hit by a metal shrapnel and, without emergency surgery, the functionality of his eye would probably have been compromised. Forced use of the operating room, where the surgical team formed by Dr. Colonna, Dr. Stefania Spada and operating room nurses and instrument specialists Tiziana Barletta , Rossella Manzari and Doriana Giliberti , wasted no time. «We proceeded with a reconstruction of the cornea – explains Colonna –the restoration of the iris, the removal of the traumatic cataract with the replacement of the crystalline lens with an artificial lens. And then we proceeded with a vitrectomy with removal of the retained foreign body ». Finally, after a few days, the check-up and the long-awaited response: the patient recovered 10/10 of sight.

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