Apulian child dies at two and a half years old, donated organs in need of other regions of Italy. The great act of love started from Taranto

One last great gesture of love despite the great pain. This is what happened in the last few hours in the south of Puglia :

The pancreas, liver and intestines of a two-and-a-half-year-old boy – the only child of an Apulian couple – were sent to Bergamo while his heart was sent to Bologna to save needy patients in other regions of Italy. In fact, following the death of the baby, the prodromal procedures for organ removal were started and the Taranto medical-health team started the program with colleagues from Bologna and Bergamo. The sampling operations were completed during the night, performed jointly with the specialists of the hospitals involved. The organs of the very young man arrived at their destination by plane.

The Director General of the Asl of Taranto, « expresses the most sincere thanks to the young parents of the child for the loving act, whose decision was taken even in the moment of pain and suffering for the untimely death of their only son. An exemplary gesture is that of the donation that will allow other people, waiting for a transplant, a life expectancy is a future. The complex and articulated health operations have involved many specialists from the ASL of Taranto. Also for this, applause for their professionalism and self-sacrifice shown in difficult and articulated moments. I express on behalf of the entire management – continues the general manager –closeness and condolences to the family for the sudden loss of their little son, aware of the deep pain they are experiencing at this moment”.

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