Bari: abandoned scooter at sea, recovered by Leonardo Rizzi – video

Incivility does not seem to go on “vacation” but, fortunately, neither does the innate environmentalist soul of those who, like Leonardo Rizzi , did not stand by and watch the umpteenth havoc observed in recent days on the Bari seafront , where someone threw one of the scooters . In the last few hours, despite the heat and the holiday season, the environmental activist Leonardo Rizzi – in the company of his very young and talented assistant – managed to successfully recover the vehicle. Means – scooters – designed to try to partially solve the problem linked to pollution which instead, paradoxically, in too many cases are involuntary protagonists of serious episodes to the detriment of the marine ecological system . All because of uncivilized people who should be quickly identified , reported and called to repay the damages they have created. Damages which, on the other hand, once again, recalled by her voluntary civic sense, are forced to resolve the Rizzi from Bari, who evidently loves her for real. Thank you, Leonardo, have a good summer! The link to the video posted on the web:


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