Coldiretti Puglia: “if aspartame is carcinogenic, EU nutriscore skips”

If aspartame is declared carcinogenic, the word must be definitively put an end to any possibility of presenting a Nutriscore color label proposal at the European Union level which currently in supermarkets rejects foods with natural sugars with the red color and promotes the most well-known carbonated drinks rich in aspartame with the green one, of which the complete recipe is not even known. This is what was stated by Coldiretti, during the comparison promoted by the University of Bari A. Moro and by the University of Foggia, together with the MISE, the Dare Puglia (Regional Agri-food Technological District), in collaboration with the Regional Consumer Associations Adusbef, Codacons, Federconsumatori Puglia, Confconsumatori, U.Di.Con., at the Coldiretti of Foggia.

A novelty that – underlines Coldiretti Puglia – should question the legitimacy of its use even in countries where the Nutriscore label has already been adopted, such as France. “ Nutriscore and traffic light labels end up paradoxically excluding from the diet healthy and natural foods that have been on tables for centuries to favor artificial products whose recipe is not even known in some cases. There is a risk of promoting junk food with sweeteners instead of sugar and disfavouring long life elixirs such as extra virgin olive oil considered the symbol of the Mediterranean diet in the world”, said Mario De Matteo, president of Coldiretti Foggia .

From extra virgin olive oil to cheeses and cured meats are just some of the quality products of Made in Italy at the table rejected without appeal by the nutriscore color labelwhich risks establishing itself in Europe, with alarmist stamps which, based on the presence of certain substances calculated on 100 grams of product and not on the actual quantities used, favor artificial products whose recipe is not even known in some cases and end up paradoxically excluding healthy and natural foods – says Coldiretti Puglia – with serious damage to the Italian agri-food system precisely at a time when it could be the driving force behind a strategic internationalization plan to increase the presence of Made in Italy on foreign markets .

The alarmist traffic light labeling systems – continues Coldiretti Puglia – focus exclusively on a very limited number of nutrients (for example sugar, fat and salt) and on energy intake without taking into account the portions, paradoxically excluding from the diet as much as 85% in value of Made in Italy with denomination of origin. Nutritional balance – specifies Coldiretti Puglia – should not be sought in the single product but in the balance between the different foods consumed in the daily diet and for this reason simplistic labels that alarm or discourage the consumption of a specific product are not acceptable. In this way we paradoxically end up excluding excellences – continues Coldiretti – of the Mediterranean diet, from extra virgin olive oil to Parmigiano Reggiano,

Born in France, nutriscore has also been adopted by government decree in Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg – continues Coldiretti Puglia – and Holland is about to use it. In Portugal, Austria and Slovenia the nutriscore has instead been adopted by large food multinationals, while in Spain, a Mediterranean country like Italy, it is the subject of heated debate. The same problem arises in Great Britain with the “traffic light” system – notes the regional Coldiretti – which measures the quantity of main nutrients contained in food with the three typical colors of the traffic light (green, yellow and red): fats (of which saturated), sugars and salt. A model that could also be adopted in India, while in South America the Chilean black dot risks setting the standard – continues Coldiretti – which actually advises against the purchase of products such as Parmesan, Gorgonzola, ham and even gnocchi, which Brazil and Peru could look to. Australia could soon have a star system (Health star rating) which, like the nutriscore, is based on the presence of certain substances in 100 grams of product.

The Italian agri-food sector is a wealth of the country that is now put at risk by the spread of misleading, discriminatory and incomplete information systems all over the world which – notes Coldiretti – deceive consumers, inducing them to prefer lower quality products and excluding from their tables products such as extra virgin olive oil, symbol of the Mediterranean Diet, not surprisingly registered in the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity by Unesco and elected best diet in the world of 2020 ahead of dash and flexariana, on the basis of the best diets ranking elaborated by the US media US News & World’s Report’s. Models pushed by multinationals that seek – Coldiretti denounces – to influence consumers rather than inform them, with the aim of replacing natural foods on tables that have been present in the diet for hundreds of years with products made with low-cost synthetic ingredients, passing them off as healthier, from meat to drinks. An incalculable damage to the health of citizens and to the richness, variety and uniqueness of the Italian agricultural and food model.

Also worrying – continues Coldiretti – are the recent health guidelines of the European Union with hypotheses of alarmist labels, penalizing tax policies and cuts in the promotion of products such as meat, cured meats and wine which represent the main component in terms of number and value of the PDO economy. The demonization of these products – concludes Coldiretti – evidently coincides with the propaganda of the transition to a single world diet, where synthetic food is a candidate to replace the natural one.

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