Puglia: the elderly man in a wheelchair who plays beach tennis with his friend warms the heart of the web

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The images shot in a well-known Apulian seaside resort that show an elderly gentleman playing with another elderly man in a wheelchair warm the heart :

According to what has been learned, the video – shot on the beach of Barletta – has acquired thousands of likes, inevitably launching a profound message addressed to the entire population, often distracted by summer social life and little attention to the weakest. Obviously, it’s important not to lump everything together if we consider positive episodes like this one. Loneliness is a serious problem that can negatively impact the physical and mental health of older adults . It can lead to depression, anxiety, memory problems and cognitive difficulties. It can also increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia and even premature death. Therefore, similar initiatives aimed at inclusion help us hope for a better future. The link to the video posted on the web:


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