In Puglia spaghetti and fries with “alien blue crab” to reduce the population of the invasive species

From spaghetti with blue crab to fried ‘naked crabs’ up to fettuccine with crabmeat, these are some of the dishes that can be prepared by the chefs, fishermen and farmers of Coldiretti to fight the invasion of the ” killer of the seas ” at the table. invaded the Apulian coasts, from the lagoon of Lesina and Varano up to the basins behind the dunes of Salento , with damage to the ecosystem , but above all to the paranza fishery, decimated and made unsellable by the attacks of the alien crab:

This was stated by Coldiretti Puglia, on the basis of the study conducted as part of the Feamp Catch Up Fish project to introduce new knowledge and effective catching techniques aimed at reducing fishing waste by reducing the impact of fishing activities on the lagoon environment, coordinated by Lucrezia Cilenti , biologist and researcher of the Cnr-Irbim of Lesina (Institute for Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnology of the National Research Council). The blue crab, the alien species native to the Atlantic coasts of America, is gaining the upper hand in the depths of the Adriatic coast – underlines the regional Coldiretti – driven by climate change from the heating of the waters that have made our environments more suitable for its survival and proliferation:

One solution to contain the excessive spread of crab may be to fish it for consumption. In this way – Coldiretti continues – it would be possible to transform what is today a disaster into an opportunity, with the inclusion of zero km menus, starting with fish tourism, fishing tourism and coastal agritourisms, in compliance with local regulations . The blue crab (scientific name: Callinectes sapidus ) also boasts important nutritional properties, thanks to a strong presence of vitamin B12 , extremely precious for the human body but it also has a delicate and tasty flavor. The prices for those who want to buy it are around ten euros per kilo. But there is also – adds Coldiretti Puglia – the reuse of blue crab waste, from which chitin and chitosan are extracted, for example, substances widely used for biomedical and nutraceutical purposes such as in food supplements.

After the letter sent by the president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Francesco Lollobrigida to denounce the very serious situation, the Council of Ministers with the Omnibus decree decided to allocate 2.9 million euros in favor of the consortia and of the aquaculture enterprises that provide for capture and disposal. With a Masaf decree – concludes Coldiretti – the geographical areas affected by the emergency, the beneficiaries, the methods for submitting applications, the eligible costs and the allocation criteria will be identified.

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