Giant whale sighted in Puglia, the second largest animal in the world. Important to turn off the engines of the boats in case of encounter. The video shot off Taranto

Not only dolphins, sperm whales and sharks, the Apulian sea continues to amaze sailing enthusiasts with important new images:

The  fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus), formerly also known as king whale  or  razor whale (in Anglo-Saxon parlance known as fin whale ) is a cetacean  belonging to the  fin  whale parvorder . It is the second longest cetacean species on Earth after the  blue whale . According to what has been learned, in fact, the largest specimens can in fact reach 27.3 m (89.6 feet) in length with a confirmed maximum length of 25.9 m (85 feet), [10 ]a maximum recorded weight of almost 74 tonnes (73 long tons; 82 short tons),  [11] and an estimated maximum weight of about 114 tonnes (112 long tons; 126 short tons). The fin whale’s diet is quite varied. The main components are: krill, fish and small cephalopods, but it varies according to the distribution (boreal, southern or Mediterranean hemisphere). The hunting technique is particular:

it approaches a school of fish at a considerable speed to throw itself at the point where it is thickest. Then, by dilating the throat region, which can also double the diameter of the anterior part of the body, it swallows water and fish. It is very important for boaters to remember that this gigantic baleen whale tends not to avoid boats and therefore it is good practice to turn off the engines of the boats in case of sighting and enjoy the natural spectacle. In too many cases, these fascinating creatures have died from serious injuries caused by ship propellers and therefore always need to be very careful. The link to the video posted on the web:


In recent years, even the WWF – through another video released on YouTube – recalled that the Mediterranean is the habitat of the second largest animal on the planet: the fin whale, an extraordinary mammal that can live up to 80 years ! The Pelagos Sanctuary off the coasts of Italy, France and the Principality of Monaco is an authentic treasure trove of biodiversity. It is therefore inevitable that these large marine mammals are able to easily reach the waters off the coast of Puglia. Video links:

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