In Barletta, hundreds of live and healthy fish amaze the swimmers but it is not news “enough with the alarmism, this sea must be appreciated and re-evaluated” – video

Not only the Mayor of Barletta has thought of denying the alarmism about an alleged death of fish on the eastern beach – who speaks of fish abandoned by a fisherman , excluding serious forms of pollution – but also the Andria ecologist Nicola Montepulciano , the which, frequenter of the Barletta beach, shot a significant video that reveals dozens, perhaps hundreds of live and well-being fish swimming on the shallow water, a few meters from the shore. According to Montepulciano, this species seems even more numerous than in past years. All this occurs in the middle of the bathing seasonwhere any controversies on environmental protection should above all be based on certain data to avoid the dissemination of misleading and potentially harmful information, both for the environment and for the tourist image of an entire territory that deserves to be re-evaluated. Link to video:

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