Puglia: this is why this plane is flying over Salento, surveys are underway

Surveys are underway by PixAir Survey with an aircraft of the Swearingen Fairchild SA-226AT Merlin type . The surveys are sometimes commissioned by the Puglia Region itself and are preferably carried out on public holidays due to the lack of military air activity. This is the website of the company that owns the aircraft: https://pixair-survey.com . This was announced on the Facebook page of the Salento Civil Protection:

The project falls within the scope of the update of the ” System of Archives of the historical cartographic and photographic heritage of the Puglia Region ” ( http://sast.beniculturali.it/ ) dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of the related cartographic, photographic and documentary sources to the Apulian landscape. The archival material, made available by the region’s conservation institutes, has been catalogued, filed, digitized and made available for consultation via the web in the Digital Archive.

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