Puglia: “gigantic shark in Polignano a Mare, bigger than the white shark”. Let’s clarify to avoid alarmism – video

A video is circulating on the web – later also relaunched by websites specialized in online information – which shows a huge shark prowling in the waters off the coast of Polignano a Mare , in the province of Bari :

In order to avoid the spread of incorrect and potentially alarmist information, it seems necessary to specify that yes: the protagonist of the aforementioned film is actually a large specimen of shark but no, it is not a dangerous animal at all :

In fact, this is yet another sighting of a basking shark ( Basking shark in Anglo-Saxon jargon), a large fish that is essentially harmless to humans . Cetorhinus maximus (this is the scientific name of the animal) feeds mainly on plankton , algae or microscopic animals which it absorbs through its large mouth. This species can easily reach ten meters in length, thus proving to be larger even than the white shark . However, its enormous jaws are not at all suitable for preying on mammals and are very reminiscent of the attitudes of some toothed whales(with which they share no kinship as whales are aquatic mammals and sharks are fish). Like many sharks, it too is among the species threatened by extinction and its genetic diversity unfortunately does not seem to be very high. Although precise data on its total population is not available, the species is considered endangered. The link to the video released on the web:

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